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Contributing Process

Project Management

The Code, our TODOs and Documentation is maintained on GitHub. All Issues should be opened in that repository.


Features, bugs and any issues regarding the documentation should be filed as GitHub Issue in our repository. We use labels like kind/feature, kind/bug, area/aws to organize the issues. Issues labeled good first issue and help wanted are especially good for a first contribution. If you want to pick up an issue just leave a comment.

Submitting a Pull Request

This project uses the well-known pull request process from GitHub. To submit a pull request, fork the repository and push any changes to a branch on the copy, from there a pull request can be made in the main repo. Merging a pull request requires the following steps to be completed before the pull request will be merged:

  • ideally, there is an issue that documents the problem or feature in depth.
  • code must have a reasonable amount of test coverage
  • tests must pass
  • PR needs be reviewed and approved

Once these steps are completed the PR will be merged by a code owner.

Cutting Releases

As of now this project is in an early alpha phase. There is just the main branch ;)