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Upgrading CRD versions

From version v0.5.0, v1alpha1 version is deprecated, and v1beta1 is in place. This guide will cover the main differences between the two versions, and a procedure on how to safely upgrade it.

Differences between versions

Versions v1alpha1 and v1beta1 are fully-compatible for SecretStores and ClusterSecretStores. For ExternalSecrets, there is a difference on the dataFrom method.

While in v1alpha1, we could define a dataFrom with the following format:

    - key: my-key
    - key: my-other-key

In v1beta1 is possible to use two methods. One of them is Extract and has the exact same behavior as dataFrom in v1alpha1. The other is Find, which allows finding multiple external secrets and map them into a single Kubernetes secret. Here is an example of Find:

    - find:
        name:  #matches any secret name ending in foo-bar
          regexp: .*foo-bar$
    - find:
        tags: #matches any secrets with the following metadata.
            env: dev  
            app: web


If you already have an installation of ESO using v1alpha1, we recommend you to upgrade to v1beta1. If you do not use dataFrom in your ExternalSecrets, or if you deploy the CRDs using the official Helm charts, the upgrade can be done with no risk of losing data.

If you are installing CRDs manually, you will need to deploy the bundle CRD file available at deploys/crds/bundle.yaml. This bundle file contains v1beta1 definition and a conversion webhook configuration. This configuration will ensure that new requests to handle any CRD object will only be valid after the upgrade is successfully complete - so there are no risks of losing data due to an incomplete upgrade. Once the new CRDs are applied, you can proceed to upgrade the controller version.

Once the upgrade is finished, at each reconcile, any ExternalSecret, SecretStore, and ClusterSecretStore stored in v1alpha1 will be automatically converted to v1beta1.