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Deploying without ClusterSecretStore and ClusterExternalSecret

When deploying External Secrets Operator via Helm chart, the default configuration will install ClusterSecretStore and ClusterExternalSecret CRDs and these objects will be processed by the operator.

In order to disable both or one of these features, it is necessary to configure the crds.* Helm value, as well as the process* Helm value, as these 2 values are connected.

If you would like to install the operator without ClusterSecretStore and ClusterExternalSecret management, you will have to :

  • set crds.createClusterExternalSecret to false
  • set crds.createClusterSecretStore to false
  • set processClusterExternalSecret to false
  • set processClusterStore to false


helm install external-secrets external-secrets/external-secrets --set crds.createClusterExternalSecret=false \
--set crds.createClusterSecretStore=false \
--set processClusterExternalSecret=false \
--set processClusterStore=false