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Using Latest Image

You can test a feature that was not yet released using the following methods, use them at your own discretion:


  1. Create a values.yaml file with the following content:
    replicaCount: 1
      pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
      # -- The image tag to use. The default is the chart appVersion.
      tag: "main"
    # -- If set, install and upgrade CRDs through helm chart.
    installCRDs: false
  2. Install the crds
    make crds.install
  3. Install the external-secrets Helm chart indicating the values file created before:
    helm install external-secrets external-secrets/external-secrets -f values.yaml


  1. Build the Docker image
    docker build -f Dockerfile.standalone -t my-org/external-secrets:latest .
  2. Apply the bundle.yaml
    kubectl apply -f deploy/crds/bundle.yaml
  3. Modify your configs to use the image
    kind: Deployment
      name: external-secrets|external-secrets-webhook|external-secrets-cert-controller
            image: my-org/external-secrets:latest