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Stability and Support

This page lists the status, timeline and policy for currently supported ESO releases and its providers. Please also see our deprecation policy that describes API versioning, deprecation and API surface.

Supported Versions

We want to provide security patches and critical bug fixes in a timely manner to our users. To do so, we offer long-term support for our latest two (N, N-1) software releases. We aim for a 2-3 month minor release cycle, i.e. a given release is supported for about 4-6 months.

We want to cover the following cases:

  • regular image rebuilds to update OS dependencies
  • regular go dependency updates
  • backport bug fixes on demand
ESO Version Kubernetes Version Release Date End of Life
0.9.x 1.19 → 1.29 Jun 22, 2023 Release of 1.1
0.8.x 1.19 → 1.28 Mar 16, 2023 Release of 1.0
0.7.x 1.19 → 1.26 Dec 11, 2022 Jun 22, 2023
0.6.x 1.19 → 1.24 Oct 9, 2022 Mar 16, 2023
0.5.x 1.19 → 1.24 Apr 6, 2022 Dec 11, 2022
0.4.x 1.16 → 1.24 Feb 2, 2022 Oct 9, 2022
0.3.x 1.16 → 1.24 Jul 25, 2021 Apr 6, 2022

Provider Stability and Support Level

The following table describes the stability level of each provider and who's responsible.

Provider Stability Maintainer
AWS Secrets Manager stable external-secrets
AWS Parameter Store stable external-secrets
Hashicorp Vault stable external-secrets
GCP Secret Manager stable external-secrets
Azure Keyvault stable external-secrets
IBM Cloud Secrets Manager stable @knelasevero @sebagomez @ricardoptcosta @IdanAdar
Kubernetes beta external-secrets
Yandex Lockbox alpha @AndreyZamyslov @knelasevero
GitLab Variables alpha @Jabray5
Alibaba Cloud KMS alpha @ElsaChelala
Oracle Vault alpha @KianTigger @EladGabay
Akeyless alpha @renanaAkeyless
1Password alpha @SimSpaceCorp @snarlysodboxer
Generic Webhook alpha @willemm
senhasegura DevOps Secrets Management (DSM) alpha @lfraga
Doppler SecretOps Platform alpha @ryan-blunden @nmanoogian
Keeper Security alpha @ppodevlab
Scaleway alpha @azert9
Conjur stable @davidh-cyberark @szh
Delinea alpha @michaelsauter
Pulumi ESC alpha @dirien
Passbolt alpha

Provider Feature Support

The following table show the support for features across different providers.

Provider find by name find by tags metadataPolicy Fetch referent authentication store validation push secret DeletionPolicy Merge/Delete
AWS Secrets Manager x x x x x x x
AWS Parameter Store x x x x x x x
Hashicorp Vault x x x x x x x
GCP Secret Manager x x x x x x x
Azure Keyvault x x x x x x x
Kubernetes x x x x x x x
IBM Cloud Secrets Manager x x x
Yandex Lockbox x
GitLab Variables x x x
Alibaba Cloud KMS x
Oracle Vault x
Akeyless x x x
1Password x x x x
Generic Webhook x
senhasegura DSM x
Doppler x x
Keeper Security x x x
Scaleway x x x x x
Conjur x x x
Delinea x x
Pulumi ESC x x
Passbolt x x

Support Policy

We provide technical support and security / bug fixes for the above listed versions.

Technical support

We provide assistance for deploying/upgrading etc. on a best-effort basis. You can request support through the following channels:

Even though we have active maintainers and people assigned to this project, we kindly ask for patience when asking for support. We will try to get to priority issues as fast as possible, but there may be some delays.